Punctis is the engine to create flexible and powerful engagement.

Engagement is a mess to be managed alone

To keep track of the user activities is complex and to develop the control panel and the logical rules of the engagement initiatives will require lot of time to be built and tested.
Sometimes, unexpected peaks of engagement will make you and your database crazy. So what?

An engine for brands and tech companies

By our flexible APIs or easy Widgets, tech companies and brands can involve their users with Instant Win, Polls, Facebook Tab, Loyalty program and all those ideas based on digital actions and incentives.

Instant win

Make people win a lottery with a huge amount of possible rules and rewards.

Facebook tab

Engage and reward actions on your Facebook Page.

Digital actions

Reward actions such as sharing content, inviting a friend, joining a community, etc.


Ask questions to your users and reward the ones who answer.

Focus on what matters the most

No hassle for database, logical rules and infrastructure. Simply set up rewards, actions and rules that make sense for your business. Change them without editing your code wherever you want by our control panel.

All actions

You can reward as much actions as you can imagine (website, social media, mobile app, iBeacon, newsletter, ..).

Flexible rewards

Choose any reward format, including points, coupons, badges, experiences, merchandising, etc.



Decide to give out reward based on actions, frequency, etc.

Keep control

You can always change rules and rewards without need to code.

Integrate big data in your existing platforms

Punctis tracks and stores engagement-related data and offers any actionable information to third-party systems through APIs.

Email marketing

Import users' data into your email marketing tool.


Empower your existing CRM with data coming from engagement program.


Give users coupons for your e-commerce, as rewards for digital actions.


Export in JSON and csv to integrate data wherever enables you to really exploit their great value

Get a 360° customer view

If you can't use APIs, Punctis offers a visual dashboard for aggregate and individual data with stats and single information.

Personal data

Know age, sex, hometown, city, languages, degree and more.

Social interests data

Know which Facebook Pages your clients like the most.

Behavioral data

Know which actions customers use to perform more than others.

Contact data

Know all email addresses and url of social profiles.

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